They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles..
Isaiah 40:30

 Excellent Minds


  Our SPECIAL Students Deserve a SPECIAL Education!

Application Process 

1. Parent Consultation and Tour

    Discuss the Excellent Minds Academy programs

    Tour the facility

    Complete Parent Questionnaire

2. Complete Application Forms

    Parents will complete the Application Form   

3. Return Application Forms with $50 application fee

    Please provide IEP or 504 documentation (if available)

    Child's diagnosis

    Immunization record

    Unofficial transcript

No formal evaluation is completed by Excellent Minds Academy prior to or upon admission; However, parents are encouraged to have a full evaluation completed by a developmental pediatrician or developmental center.

5.  Parents will be notified within 48 hours of acceptance and of tuition if

     modified due to income/needs basis.

6.  Once student is accepted the admission process will be completed, $200       

     Curriculum fee is collected as well as current month tuition; prorated if 

     enrolling other than first of the month.

Admission Process

1.  Complete Tuition and Fees Contract

2.  Return last page of Student Code of Conduct signed by parent and student

3.  Return dress code signed by parent and student

4.  Return Medication Authorization Form (if applicable)

Once all paperwork and fees are received enrollment will be complete.

Welcome to Excellent Minds Academy!

***Excellent Minds Academy does not accept insurance.  Our services are considered educational rather than medical.  Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) usually cover "special education due to a medical condition" and may cover our services.

Excellent Minds Academy  prohibits discrimination against any characteristic protected by law.