They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles..
Isaiah 40:30

 Excellent Minds


  Our SPECIAL Students Deserve a SPECIAL Education!

Christine Welsh, Director, Founder, Teacher 

Mrs. Welsh obtained her teaching certificate through Texas Teachers.Org and will be obtaining additional certification in math grades 4-8.  Mrs. Welsh had previously worked as a substitute teach with CCISD and Bay Area Christian School for 4 years. As a previous owner of Gymboree Play & Music parent/child program, she has had the experience of working with all ages of children. Mrs. Welsh began her career as an licensed insurance specialist and worked for State                            Farm for 12 years. Christine has 3 children and has been married for 25 years.                                At the age of 2, her middle child was diagnosed with Autism.  From this point                                  Christine's mission has been to educate children and adults about Autism and                                tolerance of children with all disabilities. 

Anna Ahwazi, Teacher

Mrs. Ahwazi is our history teacher and teaches science as needed.  Mrs. Ahwazi has her Associate of Art degree from Galveston Community College and attended University of Houston. Anna loves to have her students explore the cultures and history of Gods beautiful nation.  We could not have asked for a Godlier woman to add to our team and we feel blessed to have her! Mrs. Ahwazi has two children and both are on the autism spectrum. Her love and patience                                 with each of our students is shown daily through her interactions.

Morrye Rumbaugh, Paraprofessional, LA Teacher

Mrs. Rumbaugh came to EMA as a parent volunteer. She attended Alvin Community College and San Jacinto College pursuing a career in education. Her love for our students has led her into our classroom. Mrs. Rumbaugh assists in Language Arts and is a wonderful asset to our staff. Her love and patience with each student is part of what makes Morrye so loved by everyone at EMA. Mrs. Rumbaugh has been married for 34 years, has 2 children and 1 grand child. Morrye has a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome                                and she has attended EMA for the past 3 years. 

Ann Ward, Math Teacher  

Ms. Ward came to us as the mother of Christine Welsh and the proud grandmother of an EMA student. Ann is a retired bookkeeper with over 30 years experience in the math field as well as executive administration. Having an autistic grandchild, Ms. Ward has had the experience working with these specific needs. Although retired, Ms. Ward has found a second career at EMA as our math teacher. Her love and dedication to each student is unconditional and shown daily in her interactions with our students. We feel extremely                                          honored to have Ms. Ward and her loving spirit here at Excellent Minds                                            Academy!