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They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles..  Isaiah 40:30

Mission Statement

Excellent Minds Academy is for high functioning students with learning disabilities and/or disorders, as well as general education students who do not function well in large classroom settings . We provide individual, group and computer based curriculum and encourage students to express their Excellent Minds! We believe that Every child deserves an Excellent education so our goal is to provide this education no matter the economic status of the household

Our Curriculum

We offer a challenging curriculum to all grade levels academically and more importantly the social skills most of our students are lacking. A variety of curriculum’s are used to best provide our students the individual education needed with A Beka and Bob Jones Press. Math, language arts, reading and writing are our primary focus. Additional classes in music, art, penmanship, PE and social skills help to round out our student’s development.

Classroom Learning

The A-Beka approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. It is important to have hands on, tactile instruction with a teacher for optimal learning. Working alongside peers also helps to encourage social development. In addition to group learning we also work with each child in small groups and individually.

Computer Learning

Technology plays an important part in today’s world, and we want to use that technology as a learning tool. It is not only important our children know how to “use” a laptop or I pad but that they know how to use it properly and safely. We will also use instruction on internet security, “do’s and don’ts”, and how to use the many functions available on a computer.

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