Blog: Excellent Minds Academy in the Galveston Daily News

Did you see the news article about Excellent Minds Academy in the Galveston Daily News?

GDN reports, “Excellent
Minds Academy, Anchor’s
kindergarten through 8th-grade
private school…EMA is structured to help kids with learning disabilities
and others who just are not
thriving in large classroom settings,”
Simmons said.

The school was started by
Christine Welsh who still heads
it. Being a certified teacher, she
said, didn’t prepare her for the
challenge that her autistic son,
Jaxson, presented.

“He didn’t like sight, sound
or touch from birth,” Welsh recalled.
“Although not officially
diagnosed with Autism until
the age of 2, we knew we had a
special boy on our hands. Later,
we felt that public school could
not meet Jaxson’s needs, that he
was falling through the cracks
and being just pushed along.
We desired a school for him and
others that provided a safe environment
to learn, grow and be
accepted just as they are.” “So, Welsh founded EMA as
a place where she believes that
every child, including those
with special needs, can thrive.
On a typical day, students
and teachers use puppets, visual
aids and other nonverbal
options to communicate feelings
and to practice role-playing
for social interaction. Paper
plates with construction
paper arrows help autistic
children show their teacher
and each other how they are
feeling when words just won’t
The traditional trappings
of elementary classrooms
are here too: easy reader and
board books, word walls,
classroom pets and incipient
bean plants in clay pots.
“Siblings and general education
students are welcome
and encouraged, as well as
special needs children,” Welsh
Anchor’s overall goal is to
change the world one life at
a time, Simmons explained.”

Credit: Original article written by Rick Cousins: rick.cousins@galvnews.

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