7 Tips Help Children Learn to Love Each Other

Teaching our children to love each other is important to having a happy childhood and a happy home. We are always looking for ways to teach this love, which can be hard ~ yet possible. Teachers and parents are the biggest influence.

Here are 7 tips to help children learn to love each other.

  • Be the example – Children pay attention to everything we do and say. If you love others, they will follow by example.
  • Love equally – Showing love, equally, will keep from feelings of jealousy, which gives the ability to love freely.
  • Teach patience – Requires understanding and self-control, helps with tolerance of others that may bother them.
  • Playtime, playtime, playtime! – Social skills are developed when we play. Children learn to relate to each other and ultimately love each other.
  • Sharing is caring – This is difficult for children under the age of 3, as they do not know what “ownership” is. In their minds, if someone has something of theirs, it’s gone. So we encourage sharing for the young as this is a learned skill.
  • Bonding activities – Having children work together helps them to bond and rely on each other, ultimately growing in feelings, trust, and love.
  • Acts of selflessness – Teaching that acts of kindness are more important than “things”. Doing simple things to help another is a true act of love.