Kids with Spring Fever can have Summer Fun

Does a seasonal change really affect our children? Many parents and teachers report that their children/students seem to have more energy. Some of this energy appears as behavioral or other like they’re bouncing off the walls!

Both spring and summer brings warmer weather, longer daylight and flowers are starting to bloom. With longer hours of daylight, we all change our routines and use more energy to go along with these changes.

What can we do to help with these changes in our children/students?

  • Expectations need to be changed and accommodate these new changes
  • Allow more playtime or ways to get this new, longer energy out
  • Try to keep your routines, even if adjusting the times just a bit
  • Just go with it! Just like we as adults feel the changes in energy, we need to help our children learn and play with new delight.
  • Always remember these three rules: Stick together, No hurts and Have fun!