Creating a Habit of Calm

Does your child struggle to calm down? Whether it is a change of schedule or an explosion of emotions, your child’s world may spin out of control. However, there are some wonderful and simple techniques you can employ to teach your child to calm down and regain control of their bodies and minds. As summer begins down and school sits on the future horizon, use this time to develop strong habits in your child. This can help them prepare for the structure of school and ready to focus!

Did you know that research shows that our brains are better able to access the learning center when the body’s needs are met: hydration, safety, and food, to name a few. As a child cultivates  the ability to calm down, they are meeting some of these basic needs. In addition, they are also teaching their minds and bodies to relax and focus. Rendie Brown, the Director of Counseling Services at Anchor Point states that the following activities “help the children to be in one spot and focus on the activity at hand which in turns helps the body disarm and relax allowing learning to come more naturally.”

The Calm Down Spot for Younger Children

Does your home have a calm down spot or corner? With a little effort and planning, you can create an inviting, designated spot for your child to turn to when they need a break. The following are examples of wonderful Calm Down Spots:

  • A tent or soft rug a room’s corner
  • A bean bag or pillow in cozy spot
  • A designated chair with a favorite blanket

In addition to your child’s Calm Down Spot, consider adding other guided activities they enjoy such as coloring books, picture or chapter books, or sensory toys. Some children respond well to aromatherapy also. Lavender is a calming aroma to add to any Calm Down Spot!

The Calm Down Spot for Older Children

Older children may have slightly different needs than your little ones. Retreating to their rooms to listen to soft music, reading, or playing Legos may work wonders. However, as a word of caution, our Director of Counseling Services states, “It is very important that video games not be a part of this time as they can be counterproductive for calmness/relaxation.” Instead, some families have found that the practice of mindfulness is not only fabulous for increasing awareness, it improves physical and mental health as well. 

For your older children, consider having a conversation about creating a habit of calming down. Together implement a plan that meets your child’s needs and helps them build the ability to focus by calming their bodies and minds. If they take part in the plan, they will be more enthusiastic and willing to try something new. 

If you would like to learn more please contact us! We love to equip and strengthen families!

Parents: You should know our Pathway to Hope Family Camp is this July 26th-30th, 2021 To learn and practice all these techniques and many many more that will help your children thrive contact Rendie Brown at or learn more and apply using the link below: