TBRI is like an Instructional Manual for Children

Have you ever wished your child came with an instruction manual? As soon as you have one stage of development figured out, they change. From emotional ups and downs to the basics of learning to discipline your children, parenting can be challenging. These issues are exacerbated when you are raising a child that has faced trauma in their lives. However, there is hope.  Anchor Point exists to strengthen and equip families. Today, let’s learn about Trust-Based Relational Intervention, also known as TBRI.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention

TBRI is an attachment-based intervention designed to help children from hard places return to their natural developmental trajectory. Children from “hard places” have experienced any one of the following six risk factors:

  • Difficult pregnancy
  • Difficult Delivery
  • Early Hospitalization
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Trauma

As you can see, families from all backgrounds could be raising children who would benefit from TBRI. Rendi Brown, the Director of Counseling Services at Anchor Point’s Hope Family Center in Seabrook encourages us that “This is why TBRI is so amazing! We are able to educate all families about these risk factors and help them to create an understanding of their child’s behavior!”

Parents, there may not be a manual for your child, but there are resources available to equip and educate you on how to actively help your child and understand their behaviors. “Having the foundation of understanding helps to promote a sense of compassion for the child and what they may be dealing with internally,” Rendie explains. In fact, as compassion grows, so does patience.

Our children are wonderful, complex individuals! Let’s learn to celebrate them and access their natural strengths and giftedness by growing our understanding of what makes them tick. Using one of TBRI’s three principles of Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting, parents and childcare workers can “create an environment of felt safety to help children move from surviving to thriving!” Are you a teacher, doctor, social worker, counselor, lawyer, daycare worker, or children’s ministry worker? If you are, reach out today to find out more about how you can impact the life of a child just by learning more about TBRI!

For more info on TBRI and how EMA uses TBRI in the classrooms contact us today: Info@ExcellentMindsAcademy.org or Info@AnchorPoint.org Or call: 832.632.1221 Option 2