Helping a Child with Autism or Learning Disability Keep Up with Learning During the Summer

This past school year was riddled with challenges and many ‘pivots’. Without a doubt, Covid-19 caused a multitude of disruptions throughout 2020 and into 2021. Even now, over 18 months we see that it is beginning to threaten us in different ways with new ‘variants’. The transitions are hard for adults with coping skills and resources, so how is a child with developmental disorders supposed to cope with all of this emotional and physical upheaval?

These kids are most affected because they have difficulty acclimating to change, they need more assistance to learn, and because of forced isolation many have missed out on social interactions which are vital to their development.  

With several weeks until the new school year begins. Many parents may be wondering about how they can support their kids while we all ease back into the new school year that is just around the corner.

There are many things parents can do from home over the summer to help their children thrive during the summer months and make the transition back to school when classes resume in the Fall. For parents and caregivers looking for fresh ideas, here are a few suggestions cultivated from the internet.

Learning Resources

During the school year there are many websites that are used by teachers to add to your child’s learning experience in the classroom. These favorites can also be helpful during the summer months and make learning a family affair too!

Social Skills Resources

Social skills help individuals function more effectively in social situations, and there are a few websites that can help parents cultivate skills their kids need to create positive interactions with others.

Other Resources

  • If your child was receiving school-based behavioral therapy during the regular school year by Anchor Point’s Hope Family Center, continuing these services during the summer – either via in office visits or via telehealth services – may be an option you’ll want to consider. In addition, Pathway to Hope Family Camp is an amazing resource that helps the whole family thrive and may also be valuable. Lastly, if you need a break from your daily caregiving duties or help managing all the demands of daily life over the summer, you may want to explore traditional or specialized respite care services. For help determining if these services are right for you and your family, and for assistance with next steps in the process, please request a consult.